The PARFUM or EXTRACT is the purest version of perfume. Conceived to adorn the skin, with a concentration between 18 and 30%, it produces a slightly different scent on each woman and gives rise to both a sillage and complexity that are entirely unique.  

How to apply

Elegantly. A few drops skillfully deposited on your body's pulse points: the nape of your neck, low on your décolleté, behind your ears, where your hair begins... To magnify the effect? Spray a little Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum as a finishing touch.




EAU DE PARFUM has a concentration between 12 and 20% and leaves behind a pronounced sillage. The scent is fuller and lasts longer than an Eau de Toilette.   

How to apply

To get the most out of your Eau de Parfum, apply it to your body's pulse points: on the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, on the backs of your knees, on your décolleté, on your neck... The fragrance will emanate from these warm areas of your body.




EAU DE TOILETTE is currently the most commonly used type of fragrance. With a perfume concentration between 8 and 12%, it creates an understated sillage, can be worn every day and can be reapplied several times each day.  

How to apply

Spray on clothing, skin and hair. Spray it across your body in a V shape, moving from your left shoulder to your right shoulder making sure to target your décolleté.  



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