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Butterfly, Iconic Perfume

The snowy scent of cherry blossoms, the sweetness of forest berries, the scent of the undergrowth... these are all reminiscences that inspired the designer Hanae Mori, whose name means "Flower of the Forest". When she imagined the first perfume that bears her name, she brought together dried leaves and flowers, bark and berries. Her wish: a fragrance of poetry, elegance and celebration! The bottle, like her fashion, is simple and refined in every detail. A slight curve, softened edges, give all its femininity to the slender and precise silhouette. The light plays on the opposition of the frosted and smooth glass which let the delicate apricot shade of the perfume shine through. A frosted glass butterfly with folded wings has been placed on the bottle's collar, the ultimate touch of enchantment.


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