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Our Commitments

From her childhood in Japan, Hanae Mori drew influences from both tradition and a world of openness. She carried within her the imprint of the countless butterflies that adorned the landscapes of her homeland.

These butterflies became her emblem, much like her fashion and fragrances, transcending boundaries just as they did.

Light as silk, rich in colors, and adorned with elegant patterns like nature itself. Just as fascinating as Hanae Mori's universe.

In the Name of Beauty and Nature

Following in the footsteps of Hanae Mori's life devoted to beauty, we aim to make a positive impact on biodiversity through flower cultivation and the preservation of butterflies.

We believe that a fragrance serves as the perfect bridge between nature, beauty, and people - both today and tomorrow.

The Craft of Responsible Fragrance

Transparency Commitment

We are committed to communicating transparently about our ongoing efforts to enhance our impact on the planet.

We demonstrate our commitment to responsibility and transparency by enriching our product pages with the Conscious Index. 

This tool measures the environmental and societal impact, incorporating various criteria throughout the lifecycle of the formula, from raw materials to fragrance concentrate.

Recycling Commitment

Since 1995, Hanae Mori fragrances have been innovating with a plastic-free cap, crafted entirely from recyclable glass.

This breakthrough was made possible through the technological achievement of glassmaker Pochet and the visionary drive of the creator for a crystalline cap resembling folded butterfly wings. An Eco-Designed Cap. Respecting the Planet.

100% Glass Cap No Plastic Insert

Monarch butterflies make one of the longest pollinizing insect migrations in the world, embarking on an incredible journey across Canada and the USA to their wintering grounds in Mexico. The future generation travels back, laying their eggs on herbaceous plants, the only source of food for baby caterpillars.

The Monarch butterflies undertake one of the world's longest migrations among pollinating insects, embarking on an incredible journey across Canada and the United States to their wintering grounds in Mexico. The next generation makes the return trip, laying their eggs on herbaceous plants, the sole source of nourishment for the young caterpillars.

Officially classified as an Endangered Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Monarch butterflies are now on the brink of extinction. Their numbers have plummeted by 90% compared to the early 1990s. The population of milkweed plants, crucial for the Monarchs' survival, has also declined by 90%.

Hanae Mori Parfums are committed to supporting organizations for the preservation of Monarch butterflies.

Save Monarch Butterflies!