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Essence of the Forest

Light filtering through trees, rustling leaves, enchanting fragrances...

Explore the mysterious beauty of Hanae Mori fragrances inspired by the forest. Choose the fragrance whose name, universe and scent best reflect your deepest aspirations. The iconic Butterfly fragrance takes you on a journey to the heart of the woods, where floral accords and woody notes guide you towards an immersive olfactory experience. Explore the luminous, fruity trails of Hanae fragrance, whose every drop captures the essence of joy and happiness. Feel the invigorating freshness of forest fragrances, especially HM, which captures the majesty of nature and reveals your own aura. HIM fragrance plunges you into an unforgettable sensory world, a symphony of spicy scents and amber notes inspired by the secrets of ancestral forests...

Did you know that the name of designer Hanae Mori means "Flower of the Forest" in Japanese? Your Hanae Mori Parfums olfactory signature is the spark of your new life!


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