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Hanae Mori x Celford: Sustainable Elegance

As spring approaches, dive into the exciting collaboration between the iconic brand HANAE MORI and the avant-garde label CELFORD. The 11-piece capsule collection seamlessly blends Hanae Mori's timeless elegance with CELFORD's commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by the archives of designer Hanae Mori, these pieces incorporate CELFORD's sustainable trends through cutting-edge technology. Izumi Mori, Hanae Mori's granddaughter, brings a modern flair to these reimagined creations.

This unique collaboration offers a redefined elegance for today's generation. Get ready to capture the essence of this fusion of tradition and modernity with the Hanae Mori x Celford Capsule Collection. The perfect blend of heritage and the future of Japanese fashion.


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