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HM vs HIM – Freshness vs Sensuality Battle

The Showdown:

Step into the ring of scents as Hanae Mori presents the Olfactory Showdown between "HM" and "HiM." It's not just a choice; it's a declaration of your olfactory allegiance. Get ready to witness the clash between freshness and sensuality, as these two titans face off in an aromatic spectacle.

The Battle of Aromas:

Imagine a perfume arena where freshness and sensuality collide. On one side, "HM" unleashes a wave of invigorating freshness, reminiscent of a crisp morning breeze. On the opposing corner, "HIM" steps into the ring with a symphony of sensuality, an aromatic dance that captivates the senses. Each fragrance is a journey; the question is, which path do you want to explore?

Freshness Unleashed: HM's Symphony:

"HM" is your ticket to a world of invigorating freshness. With notes that evoke the feeling of a refreshing shower on a summer morning, "HM" embodies the vitality of a new day. It's the fragrance for those who seek the crispness of citrus and the cool embrace of nature.

Sensuality in Full Swing: HIM's Allure:

Meanwhile, "HIM" seduces with its sensual allure. Picture an evening under the stars, with warm, woody notes that wrap you in a magnetic embrace. "HIM" is the fragrance for those who appreciate the richness of amber, the warmth of spices, and the lingering sensuality that lasts into the night.

Choose Your Scent Journey:

This isn't just a fragrance purchase; it's a statement about your desired olfactory experience. Are you drawn to the revitalizing freshness of "HM" or enticed by the captivating sensuality of "HIM"? Take our quiz to discover your scent identity and embark on your personalized aromatic journey.

The Hashtag Battle: #FreshnessVsSensualityChallenge:

Join the online fragrance community and declare your choice using the hashtag #FreshnessVsSensualityChallenge. Engage in discussions, share your thoughts, and let us know which fragrance resonates with your desire for freshness or sensuality.

The Showdown Events:

To elevate the excitement, we're hosting a series of online events. Tune in to our live fragrance face-offs, where we'll delve into the distinct characteristics of "HM" and "HIM." Participate in the polls and let us know which fragrance embodies your ideal scent experience.

The Winner's Circle:

At the end of this olfactory showdown, we'll crown the champion based on your votes and preferences. The winning fragrance will be celebrated with exclusive offers and surprises for our dedicated scent community.

The Victory:

The Olfactory Showdown invites you to explore the clash between freshness and sensuality. Are you Team "HM," embracing the invigorating morning breeze, or Team "HIM," indulging in the magnetic allure of the evening? The choice is yours, and the fragrance world awaits your verdict. Join us in this aromatic adventure, where every scent tells a story, and you are the storyteller.



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