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Sweet Tea Party to Celebrate Mother's Day with Hanae Mori Fragrances: A Sensory Odyssey

Welcome to our enchanted realm where the delicacy of Hanae Mori fragrances blends with a symphony of sweet flavors. Get ready to be transported to a world where sophistication meets sweetness at our Sweet Tea Party, a sensory celebration dedicated to elegance and joy, all in honor of Mother's Day.

Enchanting Decor:

Dive into an olfactory oasis where each note of Hanae Mori fragrances dances in harmony with the visual delights that surround you. Pastel hues reminiscent of the grace of flowers and zesty accents recalling the freshness of fruits, our tea party's decor resonates with the understated elegance that defines the brand.

Gourmet Flavors and Fragrance Notes:

Explore a palette of exquisite flavors, with macarons that are delightfully soft, inspired by the subtle accords of Hanae Mori fragrances. Each bite is a sensory experience, a gustatory journey that blends seamlessly with the enchanting fragrances that fill the air.

The Butterfly fragrance is a sumptuous bouquet of peonies softened by almond wood. The Hanae fragrance reinvents exuberance carried by its floral notes energized with red fruits. The magnetic Magical Moon fragrance displays its mysterious singularity. Blue is blue, just like the Hanae Mori spring-summer 2024 fashion collection!

Sensory Harmony:

It's much more than a simple gathering. It's an experience where the pleasure of the eyes, the gustatory delight, and the olfactory pleasure merge to create a sweet harmony. The subtle fragrances of Hanae Mori perfumes blend with the finesse of flavors, offering a festive moment where beauty transcends the senses.

Magic and Celebration:

In these refined moments, we celebrate nature, joy, and above all, the women we love. Each cup of tea becomes a magical potion, an enchanted reminder of the simple and timeless beauty that resides in precious shared moments.

In celebration of Mother's Day, a set of three watercolor bookmarks is gifted with every purchase of a 100ml women's fragrance. 🤍

Join us for a Sweet Tea Party that transcends the ordinary and awakens the senses. Because it's in these magical moments that the true essence of elegance, pleasure, and celebration is discovered.

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  • Quelle charmante atmosphère!

    Les détails délicats des macarons et des fleurs donnent vie à l’ambiance raffinée de votre Sweet Tea Party. 🤍🍰

    Mylene on

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